Achieve Continuous
Planning with Planful

In today’s ever-changing economy, static, annual budgets no longer suffice. Continuous planning is a modern way of forecasting and planning that increases the speed, accuracy, and frequency of financial decision-making within an organization by building your FP&A organization upon a modern platform where data, technology, and deliverables exist in one user experience with minimal reliance on external sources.

Planful allows you to manage data, build driver-based complex models, and store data points from various sources by integrating seamlessly with a multitude of ERPs and big data platforms. Its core engine features AI with predictive analytics and machine learning, empowering you to embrace a proactive approach to forecasting so that you can analyze, plan, and make financial decisions with confidence.

Continuous planning requires maintenance—people at the ground level must govern and drive processes to promote ongoing, effective decision-making. At Cogenics, we promise thoughtful leadership and comprehensive management to prepare the next generation of finance associates to embrace the new norm in financial planning.